Helping children with special needs to find their voice and to thrive in a world that really doesn’t make sense to them, is at the heart of Brain Train’s DNA. Indeed Brain Train’s very existence can be traced back to a special little girl, Chloe, whose journey with autism, ADD, sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia paved the way for our holistic and functional ‘move, activate and integrate’ neuro-developmental program.

Brain Train was founded by Chloe’s parents Marietta and Justin Goddard and her Auntie and special needs teacher Paula Fabiani after researching, participating in and synthesising world’s best practice in neuro-developmental, occupational and play-based therapies for children with neuro-developmental challenges. Neuro-developmental therapy was a critical part of Chloe’s recovery journey. It was a game changer that improved her health and happiness significantly and changed the trajectory of her life in a positive direction.



Movement-based activities builds neural pathways to help speech, anxiety, meltdowns / tantrums, social interactions, sensory issues and more. Emphasis on restoring health and optimising function, including the opportunity for play-based engagement to assist with communication and socialisation goals.


Drug free program improves focus, irritability, anxiety, learning and all areas of well being.

Sensory Issues

Play-based program develops ability to cope with noisy / busy environments and manage change without becoming overwhelmed.

Neuro-developmental Challenges

Integrates reflexes and builds efficient neural pathways and connections so the brain and body start to work synchronously.