I want to start now, do I need a Free Consult? 
Everyone must complete an Initial FREE Consultation.  This is to ensure we deliver our Program at a high standard and can tailor it as required as well as meeting WH & S Standards.

I live out of town, can my Free Consult be done over the phone?
Yes, please complete the Free Consult form and make a Consult booking as per normal.  Then call us to request a Phone Consultation.

Do I need to sign an Intake form?
Intake Forms must be completed and signed by ALL Clients or their Care Giver/Guardian..
The entire process can be completed on-line including the signing of the document.

One child has already completed the program, I want to enrol another family member, do they need to complete the forms?
Yes, in order to comply with Workplace Health and Safety and to ensure our program is meeting the specific needs of each person or family member,
the NEW client must complete an Individual Free Consult and Intake Form.

Please keep your Booking emails in a folder or print them out – Do not delete them!

How do I make a Booking?
All bookings can be made online using our Booking page.

Will I receive a reminder?
Yes, you will receive an SMS and Email reminder the day before.

How do I cancel or reschedule?
Cancellations or Rescheduling of your booking can be made by clicking on the CANCEL or CHANGE button in your Booking Email.

I booked the wrong location, how do I change this?
Find your Booking email and click on the CANCEL button.  Then make a New booking using the correct location.

I booked the wrong Service Type, how do I change this?
Find your Booking email and click on the CANCEL button.  Then make a New booking using the correct location.

Can I make a booking for another family member?
Yes, but first you MUST complete the Free Consult and Intake forms for the NEW family member utilising a different email address.

Can I use the same email address for multiple family members?
No, you MUST use a unique email address for EACH client/person undertaking the program.

What is my Client Card?
Your Client Card is a helpful tool that will appear beside your Booking form.  It will help you remember the Details used in the Intake Forms and ensure you enter those details in the Booking form.

What should I wear to the Session?
Comfortable clothing suitable for light exercise and activity.

Myself or my Child is sick and I cannot attend, what is the process?
Find your booking email and click on the CHANGE button in the email.  You can then reschedule your Booking.  If not, please call us to cancel.

How do I apply for NDIS funding?
Call us on 1300 209 634 to discuss how you may be able to use NDIS funding for the Brain Train program.

How do I pay for my sessions?
Payments for your sessions are required on the day of your booking.
We accept all Credit Cards, Debit Cards or EFTPOS cards.

Can I pay online?
You can book your sessions online, however payment is required on the day at the front counter.

Do you provide a receipt for my records?
A printed receipt will be printed at the time of payment.

I have lost my receipt, can you send me a new one?
You can request a receipt to be emailed to you at any time, by advising our Staff.

Can you provide a report of my visits for my records?
Yes, our staff can print reports showing the number of sessions you have attended

Is my Data Secure?
We take Privacy and Security seriously.
We go above and beyond accepted industry standards to ensure your data is safe.
We use the following systems in our overall security plan:
1. Global Secure Amazon Web Data Centres
2. Dedicated Servers and Database Servers (No Shared Hardware)
3. Valid Comodo SSL Certificates
4. Pen and Malware Testing
5. Login Protection
6. Port Blocking
7. Brute Force Protection and much more!

How do we contact you?
Please feel free to call us should you have any questions or concerns.

Do you have an email address?
We prefer to handle your request via Phone so we can resolve it quickly and efficiently.

I didn’t receive your email?
Please check your Junk or SPAM folder.  Then let us now.

Your email was in my Junk or SPAM folder, how can I prevent this?
The best way to fix this, is by clicking on our email address and adding us to your Contacts.