Speech Pathology

At Brain Train, our speech pathology services (sometimes called speech therapy) is often play-based and centred around communication and socialisation. Children with autism and other neurodevelopmental differences can benefit greatly from early intervention speech pathology. Brain Train’s speech pathologists help to develop skills in areas including:

  • Language development – both using and understanding
  • Communication – expressing needs and wants
  • Speech (articulation of words)
  • Social interaction – developing the skills needed to communicate intuitively and successfully with others
  • Mealtime and eating strategies
  • Play skills
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems

We are a strengths-based, family-centred practice. Our speech pathologists work with individuals of all ages to support communication, socialisation, academic development and independence goals and help each person reach their potential. When helping very young children, our speech pathologists work with the child and their parents, individually, and as part of a multi-disciplinary team in early childhood intervention programs to help maximise results.


What is the Brain Train Approach to Speech Pathology?


At Brain Train, we take a synergetic approach to empowering people with Autism and Developmental Delays to live their best lives.

What we mean by that is we tailor a therapeutic approach for each individual child, combining the best of Multi-Disciplinary Therapies including Speech Pathology, with our signature Sensorimotor Program.

This unique approach is built upon three primary insights:

  • All of us, and especially children, are most motivated and engaged when we are having fun. So, we embed a play-based approach into everything we do. When we are playing, we are having fun, which significantly increases motivation, engagement, and progress. We believe our clients deserve to LOVE their time with us.


  • People with autism and neuro-developmental differences are impacted by various combinations of sensory, gross, and fine motor dysfunction. Our sensorimotor program provides our clients with the foundation required for sensory integration, motor control and improved neurological efficiency.


  • A more efficient neural foundation compliments and enhances our multidisciplinary supports, encompassing speech & language, occupational therapy, behavioural supports, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Sensorimotor and Multi-Disciplinary therapies work together, complimenting and enhancing the impact of each, for a truly holistic approach.


We have paediatric Speech Pathology available in all our centres now, who focus every day on supporting children with Autism and Developmental Delay, and their families.