Speech Pathology

What is Speech Pathology and How Can it Support Your Child?


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Speech Pathology, also known as Speech Therapy, can support the development of all forms of communication and socialisation.

At Brain Train, our Speech Pathologists aim to serve, support, and empower our neuro-diverse communities through engaging, child-centred, play-based therapy and group therapy programs.

These therapies can assist the development of a child’s foundational communication skills, fundamental to increasing their reception of language, assisting them in gaining a better understanding of the world around them, and supporting them in communicating their needs.

Working on the progression of these skills can look like anything, from practising the sounds we make, to how we pronounce words, how we express our needs, wants, and our social language skills, through to any eating, swallowing, and mealtime strategies.

Our Speech Pathologists wholeheartedly believe in a neuro-diversity affirming approach, working alongside children to increase their communication skills (whether that’s speaking or non-speaking) in an encouraging, engaging, and fun environment tailored to each and every child.

At Brain Train all our therapies are founded on a child-led and play-based therapy approach, supporting the development of communication skills in areas including:

  • Language development – both the using and understanding of language
  • Communication – expressing needs and wants
  • Speech – the articulation of words
  • Social interaction – developing the skills needed to communicate intuitively and effectively with others
  • Mealtime and eating strategies
  • Play skills
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems

Ultimately, the goal of our Brain Train Speech Pathologists is to assist in the autonomy of communication within a loving and nurturing environment. We understand that every child is on their own journey, developing language skills in different ways.

Our Speech Pathologists prioritise understanding how your child learns. We meet them where they are in their development journey and allow this to guide our therapy sessions and therapy plans to meet advancement milestones and the goals of you and your family.

We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged and our Speech Pathologists reflect this through the creation of interest-based and child-led therapy activities, while constantly reviewing the most effective therapies for your child.


When do you Need Speech Therapy?


If you are having difficulty understanding your child and notice a gap in communication whether verbal or social, it’s always a good idea to seek support.

We encourage parents to trust their intuition and seek early support rather than waiting for a certain age or for milestone developments to pass.

Fundamentally, by the time your child starts daycare or early schooling, it is best to ensure they are equipped with the support they need as we understand structured social and learning settings can increase the social demand for your child which can become a challenging environment for them.

Neuro-developmental differences can develop into frustrations through a lack of understanding. At Brain Train, we advocate for your child by identifying goals and progressing toward these, building their confidence every step of the way. Our Speech Pathologists will also ensure that you are equipped with the skills and understanding to continue parental support and encourage communication skills within a loving environment at home.


What is the Brain Train Approach to Speech Pathology?


We believe that therapy should be a positive experience for all – that’s why having fun through play-based therapy is how we develop skills at Brain Train.

We are innovative, curious and are always reviewing the most effective therapies for your child. We understand that what the world knows about neuro-divergence is constantly evolving and our therapists are always seeking to learn more. We evolve with our clients to provide better practices and outcomes for our community.

Based on the needs of your child, our therapists can offer joint speech pathology and occupational therapy sessions when it is beneficial for the individual therapy goals of your child.

This allows our therapists to combine the individual milestones and goals set for your child into one activity, encouraging them to progress multiple skills at the one time. As with all therapy at Brain Train, joint therapy ensures that each activity is achievable for the child and built on the foundation of fun, play-based learning, encouraging them to meet milestones beneficial to your child’s development.

Joint sessions depend on the availability of both therapists, so they can be uncommon. Many parents choose to do individual sessions at times that work for them, with the therapists collaborating outside the session about how best to support the child’s needs. This is referred to as Case Conferencing, a practice highly recommended by the Autism CRC, and can have strong positive effects on therapy effectiveness.

At Brain Train, we want you, your child, and your family to feel seen, understood, and accepted. Please reach out to us if we can support you in any way at all. We are right here and we want to help you however we can.