What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is here to help you achieve your goals and it is focused around enabling you to live your life. Brain Train is an NDIS registered service provider (#4050044301) and we can provide support to you throughout every stage of the NDIS process.

Am I eligible?

If you are an Australian citizen under the age of 65 and have a disability that affects your ability to take part in everyday activities, you may be eligible for the NDIS. For further information on eligibility, please visit the NDIS website here:

www.ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis/am-i-eligible Alternatively, you can call the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110.

Goals that Brain Train can help you to achieve?

  • Improve independence (eg.self-care tasks such as bathing, dressing and going to the toilet)
  • Enhance gross motor skills (eg.walking, running, catching and throwing for improved participation in outdoor activities and/or sport)
  • Enhance fine motor skills (eg.improved pencil grip for handwriting and drawing, using cutlery, and tying shoelaces)
  • Develop social skills for improved social interactions at home and the wider community (eg.improved engagement with and awareness of others, and greater focus and coordination for play)
  • Improve emotional regulation (eg.assist developing skills for self-regulation of emotions and behaviours)
  • Improved overall functional capacity

I am registered, how we can help with your NDIS planning meeting?

Once you or your child has been accepted as an NDIS participant, you will work with an NDIS Planner and/or Local Area Coordinator to develop your support plan. Each participant in the NDIS has an individualised plan that identifies the specific outcomes they wish to achieve, the disability supports that will be funded by the NDIS and other supports they require.

We understand that the NDIS process can feel overwhelming, and we want to assist you in helping the process be as smooth as possible. To do that, we can provide you with the following material for your planning or review meeting:

  • An NDIS support document (describing what we do);
  • A quote;
  • An initial report (if you’ve started the program);
  • A progress report (ideally once you’ve completed the program)

Book a Free Consultation here or call our team on 1300 209 634 to arrange a meeting at your closest Brain Train Centre in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

My plan is approved. What does Brain Train provide and how can I make an apointment?

Brain Train provides an integrated network of therapies and supports for adults and children with autism and neurodevelopmental differences. More detailed information about our services can be found here. As a Registered NDIS Provider you can rest assured that we follow the NDIS Price Guide and there are no gap payments to be made.

Getting started with Brain Train is easy. You can organise a free consultation in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne by:

  • Booking online here; or
  • Calling us on 1300 209 634